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FileDelivery Login

  • Login to your secure FileDelivery Account
  • Click “Send File” and upload the file you want to send
  • FileDelivery generates a URL. Copy the URL and send it to your recipient (send via e-mail, Instant Message, etc)
  • Your recipient clicks the link, and downloads the file from FileDelivery.

  • Send your FileDelivery Upload Page URL to someone you want to receive a file from
  • The Sender clicks on the link, and is taken to a secure page to upload a file to you.
  • Once the upload completes, you receive an e-mail notification that a file is waiting for you
  • Login to your secure FileDelivery Account, and download the file.

  • See when files have been downloaded, how many times, and from where
  • Set passwords on files
  • Set maximum number of downloads on files
  • Require downloaders to enter their name
  • Receive files by sending your FileDelivery Upload URL

Why use IntelliTree FileDelivery?

E-Mail is becoming a less and less reliable means to send files over the Internet. Most ISP limit the size of outgoing attachments, and with Spam and Virus problems on the Internet today, many attachments are blocked even if they are small enough to be sent. What’s worse is that you often do not know if the file you send via e-mail was received or not. E-Mail is also not a secure medium.

IntelliTree FileDelivery is fast, secure, and reliable. It uses the Web, with 128 bit SSL encryption (same technology used when placing secure online orders), to transfer files. Send any size file of any type to anyone; and know with certainty that it was received.

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FileDelivery 1.4.3 | Provided by IntelliTree Solutions: